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Innovative, Progressive and Unique

Avalon Life is the first solar powered and geothermal Cryptocurrency mining company in the world that is dedicated to sustainability, renewable energy, philanthropy and nature conservation.

Avalon Life is committed to the mining of PURA and DASH, digital currencies similar to Bitcoin, in an eco-friendly and cost effective way.

The business model of Avalon Life enables it’s Licensed Partners to mine cryptocurrency and have access to all of Avalon Life’s products at wholesale prices, including crypto mining (powered by solar farms and geothermal energy), Green Earth, a crypto based Debit Card and CryptInsider.

Several additional new products, such as travel portal, shopping portal, crypto based gift cards, ATM project, crypto resorts, Avalon-Nation, and Ocean Cleanup are in the development phase and some are soon coming to market.

Avalon-Life’s headquartered is based in Costa Rica (Avalon Life S.A., Calle Blancos del Colegio de Microbiólogos 50 metros al Oeste, San Jose (Goicoechea) 20801). The company with its License Partners and customers, currently own six cryptocurrency mining facilities located in Costa Rica (4), Switzerland (1) and China(1).

The goal of Avalon-Life is to empower it’s Licensed Partners, through Blockchain Technology, by becoming a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO).

Cryptocurrency Mining

Avalon-Life’s software Nitro selects the most profitable coins to mine on a daily basis. Coins such as Bitcoin, DASH, Ethereum, Litecoin and more, thereby offering you an opportunity to be part of the boom market of cryptocurrencies without having to write a single line of ‘code’ or install hardware. All you need to do is become a Licensed Partner and buy your mining package and let Avalon-Life do the rest.


Avalon Life Products

Avalon Life has launched an innovative GREEN EARTH ZERO.  Created using the latest NEM Blockchain technology, GREEN EARTH ZERO service enables participants to own land by the square meter in Costa Rica starting as low as $2 m2.


Business Opportunity

Avalon Life provides you the opportunity to establish your own “mining and Fintech” franchise so you can benefit from the global boom of digital currency block chain technology.


Cryptocurrency is the fastest
growing market in the world

  • The innovation of cryptocurrency is revolutionising the financial world by breaking down all borders and barriers that limit the freedom of people. With the success of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency is growing exponentially in popularity, acceptance and value

  • Cryptocurrency is redefining the entire payments, lending, trading and banking infrastructures globally

  • Within the next few years, cryptocurrency will become mainstream. It will be a new world, in a new light, in a new era

The Blockchain Revolution

  • Blockchain manages and transfers data and information decentrally and autonomously

  • No bank or government can block or freeze an account

  • The Blockchain is a decentralised digital ledger, each user having a complete copy

  • It’s decentralised nature has made it impossible to ‘hack’ as no one is able to alter the ledger in all the places it resides at the same time

  • The Blockchain is changing the way we record and exchange value making transactions across the world faster and more efficient

Cryptocurrency allows people to control their own finances.

The first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was born in 2008 with a value of less than 0.008c per coin. In 2017 it’s value reached more than $4000 per coin. That’s more than a 2000% increase in value in 9 years!  As of 2017 there are more than 900 different cryptocurrencies on the internet. The success of Bitcoin shows that the public is more than ready for a new financial system.

All Cryptocurrencies run on Blockchain and allows users to make secure payments and store digital money without the need for a bank or third party. Cryptocurrency is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system that is not controlled by a central organisation such as banks or government.

Not only does cryptocurrency offer complete anonymity it also enables people all around the world to do transactions with minimal fees to no fees at all. That means, no bank fees and no inflation!

Seize the opportunity for financial freedom

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